Revitalize your water on the go with the Sanaqua 330s. 


Potential Benefits of drinking water with the Sanaqua 330s:
  • Promotes Better Hydration
  • Enhances the flavor of any beverage
  • Boosts frequency, wellness and supports whole body recovery
  • Structures water or beverage adding energy and frequency
  • When cared for properly, the Sanaqua 330s never needs to be recharged.
The Sanaqua 330s contains the same frequency boosting technology as the Sanaqua 500 and 750 series. This 300 ml size is portable and easy to take to school, work or anywhere on the go. Our selection of high quality, frequency boosting products by AdditWater, are exposed to a specialized High Energy Field in production. This results in products that can restructure the molecules in your beverage (water, tea, coffee, juice, wine, etc.) giving it More Energy and an Enhanced Taste. 
330 ml / approximately 11 ounces